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Reusable Wine Glass Personalized Place Cards


There are a million and a half ways to do a creative place card for a dinner party… The majority of which aren’t to expensive and tend to consist of some kind of paper product and go along with your theme.  But what if you could have reusable place cards that were creative and fun?  I just came across this DIY project that anyone could use for their next party! As long as you don’t mind your wine glasses forever having chalk board or white board paint on the bottoms this is a great project that is not only useful for place cards but for any party so that you never lose your drink!  Now I know what you’re going to say I can wipe off the chalk steel the drink and write my name on it… Sure but who is doing that at a party?  If someone is doing that at your party do you really want them there? Any way a few cheap wine glasses some chalkboard paint and pieces of chalk is all it takes to make this creative do it yourself place card that everyone will be talking about!

Want to achieve this look?  Check out these items below:

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