Thankful Cards

Thanksgiving is just a week away, do you know what you’re thankful for this year?  At my Thanksgiving table every year it is a rush to be the first one that says “we are thankful that we could all be here together”, and then everyone else is unprepared for what they will say. I don’t know if your family also has this tradition of going around the table and having each person say what they are thankful for or not, but this year why not do something different?

What do you do all Thanksgiving day? There are tons of great annual activities: turkey trot races, local football games, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, family board games, tossing the football around outside, and so many other activities I am sure everyone does on top of cooking the big meal. But here is an idea of another activity you can add to the mix for your Dinner Party!


Create cards with what ever materials you have around the house.  If you aren’t extremely crafty who cares for this activity it’s the message that counts.  Fold up printer paper and draw a little doodle on the front of the card if you don’t have a stock pile of scrap booking paper, glue, and markers. Or you can even print some cards out using your computer and printer.  The point is, on the front of the cards write thank you, or giving thanks, etc.  On the inside write a heartfelt message to someone that you are thankful is in your life or for something they have done to help you out recently.  Make the message what ever you want, but take some time out during the day to really give thanks to some people in your life who have made a difference and than you are thankful for.  Then later on when you go around the table during dinner you can share what you wrote with your family and friends.  It doesn’t matter if the card recipients are there at that table with you or if you’ll be sending it in the mail later, everyone will appreciate what you are thankful for.  Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on those we are thankful to have in our lives for so many, many reasons.

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