Holiday Party Give Away/Place Card Idea

I am heading out of town for the holiday to spend them with my boyfriend and his family.  Being the crafty event planner that I am I wanted to make everyone a little something for the holidays.  This is what I came up with:

Toilet Paper Roll Candy Place Cards:


This can be used as gifts, place cards, centerpieces, or take home items for guests.  What ever you choose!  They are easy to make and very efficient!

What you need:

  • Wrapping Paper (mine is from the dollar section at Target)
  • Ribbon
  • Card Stock Paper
  • Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls (depending on how long you would like them to be or if you would rather cut up paper towel rolls)

How to make them:

photo 2

  • First Cover the paper towel roll with wrapping paper, make your wrapping paper longer than the roll so it sticks out a bit.
  • Tape the initial piece down to the roll, wrap it around a few times and then glue the end of your sheet to the roll.
  • Once it is dry, fold in the wrapping paper inside the roll.

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  • Next you will fold the sides into themselves on one side.  photo 1As you can see in thenext image.  After one side is folded in you can place your candy inside (I used Heresy’s Kisses) and then fold the other side into itself to keep in the candy

photo 3

  • Then lay it out on the table to begin decorating and personalizing it. As you can see in the image to the left, I cut a ribbon and glued it down across the long part of the roll.
  • Next I created a name card using card stock.  You can do tagthis any way that you would like, print it, double paper, fun scissors.  What ever floats your boat.  Glue the name plate down and present it to your guests at your next event.

If you don’t want to include guests names so that they can take what ever they would like you can add anything to the name plate or skip it entirely and create a nice bow with your ribbon!  Use what you have laying around the house!

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