Wedding Photo Booth Dilemma

32bcdf61a2ca5f55ff15beaddaf71526If you’ve read my blog before you’d know I am very frugal.  Whether I am planning events for work or my own personal events I like to be cost effective.  This doesn’t change when I am planning my own wedding.  Weddings are EXPENSIVE!!!! But being the event planner that I am I also want to have everything.  So I searched and searched how to do a photobooth.  Cost to rent one was between $500-1500 for 4hrs, and yes it is a great option they print out the pictures for you and your guests.  They sit there, they fix anything, they make you a photo album of everyones pictures they provide props etc!  But for me it’s still to much.


So for a while I was going to go for the Polaroid picture photo booth optionthat looks so cute on pintrest… It looked so cute that is until you look up how much it costs to buy the film for a Polaroid camera.  $20-$50 for 10 pictures and then someone would need to be continuously loading that.  I am going to be way to busy at my own wedding to be watching the photobooth area.

screen1So instead I did some research.  I put my googling skills to the test and searched and scoured the internet for some alternative option out there.  Then I found it! The weddingbooth app for the Ipad.  Yes thankfully I have an Ipad already so there is no cost associated with that (the company that created the app does have a solution for that problem as well).  The app is only $10 and I found props all around my office and my house I can borrow for the night.  I am really excited now for my DIY photobooth! I wont go into details on how it works.  I will let them explain it to you but all I can say is, I have been showing everyone in my office this app and testing it out!  To see how mine turned out CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE for all of the info on the app!

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