Free Online Save The Dates or Invitations

Did you know that weddings are really expensive… I did, but every day mine gets more and more expensive and I don’t really like that.  One way to get around paying for yet another thing was to send electronic save the date cards.  Now some may still find this tacky but in today’s society it is a fully acceptable way to send out a save the date.  And with the increase in wedding websites it is an extremely effective way to get people to your wedding website.

a24655cdc9415f24a87b8c61581a4fe6-32-9744620We went through the company Paperless Post.  The Image to the left is one of the many options they have for save the dates.  Now you can go fancy with them create elaborate e-mails that make your guests look like they are actually opening a save the date card in their e-mail but those options do actually cost money.  Through this website though there are completely free ways to send the save the dates.  Another amazing option that they have is that there is a reply form to collect e-mail recipients home addresses to send them your invitation when the time comes through the mail.  And like I said before they don’t just do save the dates they have adorable greeting, holiday, party invites, kids and baby shower invites, and  much more!

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