Cheap Easy DIY Wedding Photo Booth


For those who have read my blog before you’ll know that I blogged about my wedding photo booth dilemma HERE.  But I wanted to update all of my readers on what I ended up doing!

screen1I did in fact end up going with the weddingbooth app for the Ipad.  Thankfully I have an Ipad already so there is no cost associated with that for me (the company that created the app does have a solution for that problem as well).  The app is only $10 and I found props all around my house, borrowed some and some I picked up from the dollar store, cheap section at target, on amazon, and from post halloween sales.  All in all I think I maybe spent $15 on my photobooth in total. CLICK HERE for all of the info on how to use this awesome ap!  And they have updated the app to not just be for weddings any more!  You can use it for any event.

If you are a frugal bride like me looking for an inexpensive solution I do highly recommend this ap!  Just try to have ample lighting wherever you are doing the booth. I had intended to bring an extra desk lamp to lighten the space but forgot it, so my pictures aren’t as great as I would like, but still an amazing memento!

They also just upgraded the ap a month ago, so it doesn’t just save the three pictures it takes with the note they write you.  It also saves each of the three pictures separately which allows you to post all of them on Facebook or send them out to your guest with ease without having to send them the pictures with the note they wrote for you.

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