Oscar Party Desserts

Oscar Night Desserts

The Oscars are just a few more days away so tonight I am sharing some easy and some not so easy Oscar themed desserts.

Award Cupcake

First on the list is a simple chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting.  But to be fair you could do this with any kind of cupcake or no cupcake at all.  The main thing you want here is the decorated Oreo Cookie.

If you want the instructions from Party Pinching check out their website by clicking the link.  To make these she sprayed them with silver edible spray, added some black sprinkles with melted chocolate and a tiny piece of licorice rope tucked in the frosting.

To make it a little easier I would suggest dipping the cookie in some powdered sugar (it’s easier to get a hold of) and you can then use black chocolate cookie frosting you can pick up in the baking section of you local super market.  These tend to come with different size tips.  Put on the appropriate one and just squeeze the dots on the cookies and the line for the end of the film reel onto the cupcake.  If the powdered sugar doesn’t work for you put a think player of white frosting down instead.

Black Tie Parfait

Next on our list is the Black Tie Party Parfaits from Lifetime Mom’s.  What’s nice about this desert is that it is really easy.

All you need to do is bake a simple star shaped sugar cookie (you’ll need a cookie cutter) cover it in gold sprinkles and put it onto of a simple parfait made of layers of chocolate pudding and cool whip or whipped cream, and place them in a Champagne glass (you can use plastic or real depending on your audience).

Now you don’t have to use those ingredients for your parfait.  Instead you could do layers of yogurt and berries instead.  Or you could do layers or strawberries and cream. Make it what ever you’d like it’s up to you!

Awards Night CookiesOur next one is actually kind of tricky.  There isn’t to much to do to make it any easier, but I thought that these award show cookies looked so cool I couldn’t not show them to you.  And hey if you are really ambitious then go for it!  The creator, Sweet Sugar Belle walks the reader through making these.  I don’t know if I have the guts to ever try it but she actually makes the tuxes and statues look quite manageable.  Though getting gold frosting might be a bit hard!  If you are brave enough to try to make these please send me pictures I want to see how they turn out!

Brownie Popcorn

Last We have these awesome Brownie Popcorn Bags from Bakerella and I actually do think that these seem simple to make.

All you need to do is bake a batch of brownies if you have a popcorn shaped cookie cutter great if not it would be pretty easy to cut out this shape.  Add some vanilla frosting to the top.  She uses an amazing tactic for the red sprinkle lines. She takes popsicle sticks and places them on top of the frosting so that when you are poring the stripes of red sprinkles they don’t spread over the entire brownie.  Then she places the mini marshmallows on top for the popcorn!  I think that this might be my favorite out of all of the Oscar Night Desserts!

I hope you have a great Oscar Night Party!  If you have any suggestion on Oscar Night themed treats be sure to share them with us in the comments section!

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