Choosing a Bottle of Wine for a Party

I am not great at picking out wine or drinks to bring to a party or to serve when I am hosting.  I don’t really drink so that makes it kind of tough.  My husband thankfully has a knack for that sort of thing, at least when it comes to beers and gin.  So I have to do my research when picking out these sorts of beverages.  Tonight I came across some great images that would help you chose the best wine for your next party!


This is actually a poster from a website called Wine Folly.  It does a great job letting you know what type of wine is right for each type of occasion!  Follow the link above to get the poster!



This poster from Wine Folly it helps create the perfect wine and food pairing.  Follow the link above to get the poster!

How do you pick what drink to serve at your party?


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