HIMYM Finale Party Ideas

After 9 seasons How I Met Your Mother Finale airs tonight. So it is only appropriate that there should be some HIMYM finale parties happening.  Here are some quick tips to have an amazing finale party.

1. Make sure before the show begins you play Robin Sparkle Videos on loop.

IMG_06652. Ask your guests to Suit Up!

3. And if anyone has a ducky tie, they had better bring it.  This one to the right was one my cousin Bradley made with duck stickers stuck to a tie. If you don’t have time to go out and find an actual ducky tie this is a nice easy alternative.

4.  Other costume ideas for guests are: Slutty Pumpkin, Red Cowboy Boots, put on a blond wig and dress in your best 80s gear to be Robin Sparkles, make your own hanging chad sign to wear.

Intervention2_1024x10245. Make an Intervention Banner to hang at your party.  All you need is some fabric or a long sheet of paper and some red paint.

6. Ask all of you guest to submit their favorite episodes and screen them before the finale.  Netflix has season 1-7 streaming.

7. Create your own slap bet countdown clock.  There are many countdown online applications you can use.  All you need to do is set one up to go off during your party and have it up on a computer screen.

8. Give out temporary butterfly tattoos.

9. Have a yellow umbrella sitting out in the room.

10.  Have a pineapple sitting out in the room.barney-stinson-blog-puzzles

11. Have The Bro Code sitting out on the table.

12. Put a sign that says Puzzles over your bar area.

13. Buy a bottle of Mountain Dew and cover it in the Tantrum Label.


14. Make your own Sumbitches: Peanut Butter Chocolate & Caramel Cookies to serve to your guests.

15. Another food item to serve is a giant sandwich…

And last enjoy the finale episode!

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