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30th Birthday Decorations


I turned 30 last week.  It’s a big milestone, I’m no longer in my 20’s and I think that is just crazy.  All week I’ve had people say you don’t look 30!  And thank you people I don’t think I look 30 either!  Keep the compliments coming!  To get ready for my party I created some fun decorations I thought I should share.

First, was making the number 30 out of photographs of the birthday girl aka me onto a wall or window.  This was pretty easy: pick the photos print them out put them with tape up on my window and voilà done! You’ve got a great decoration that’s easy and only costs you paper, ink, and time.


Next, I made these signs and rapped them around jars of candy.  30 blows containers had blow pops and gum in them for my guests.  30 rocks jar had pop rocks and 30’s sweet jar had sweet tarts.

I also put string across the pass through area between my kitchen and living room area.  I then put up all of my birthday cards as another form of decoration.  Don’t worry I got more cards than this, this is only half full.  But it’s a great colorful decoration and a nice way to display your friends and family members cards.

And lastly, I created these birthday banners.  They don’t say happy birthday or anything on them they just add some festive vibes to the apartment.  All you need for this is two separate types of scrapbook paper, ruler, pencil, scissors, a whole punch, and string.

All I did to make these banners is measure out a triangle using the ruler and pencil.  Then cut it out.  Punch two holes in the top of the triangle and then string it and hang it in various places in your home.  I think it worked well!









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