Graduation Beer Tasting Party

Thanks to Dennis Hicks for taking this awesome photo of our glasses

It’s graduation season at work which means a lot of amazing seniors will be leaving us this year.  One of the fun things we’ve been putting on the past few years is a beer tasting for seniors.  All seniors pay $5 to attend.  We rent out a local bar space, give them free food, and we buy these amazing beer steins from 4imprint to give each senior.  Then we bring in a local brewery to have a professional beer tasting with the students.  They each tried 4 beers and all of them really seemed to enjoy the experience.  Last year was our first year doing this we had around 50 people.  This year we doubled our numbers selling out at 100!

But come on now you don’t read this blog to be able to program fun activities for your college campus.  Or maybe you do I don’t know.  You want to know how you can do this type of event at home right!  If you can afford to get your guest personalized beer mugs then do it they are awesome!  And everyone will love it!  If you can’t you can always decorate mugs or beer glasses for your guests by purchasing them and decorating them yourself.  Or you can let your guests do the decorating if they are crafty.  For more information on decorating glass please CLICK HERE.


If you can’t bring in your own personal brewer to perform the tasting you can easily get a kit!  I’ve even purchased one for my husband before and he’s had a great time having beer tastings with his friends! This kit here to the left is actually the one I got him.  This image was put out there by Shop Trohv but I purchased it a year ago from a home goods store, and I know I have seen it at Target before as well.

Congrats Class of 2014 now that you are legal enjoy your graduation with this fun activity!

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