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DIY Ice Cream Cookies Sandwich


Have you ever had an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich? Here in the DC area we have this amazing food truck which we’ve brought out to at least three events in the past year called Captain Cookie and the Milk Man.

They make the best Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches I have ever tasted! They make the cookies fresh and make their own deliciously dangerous ice cream.  If you live in the Washington DC area and are having an event where food trucks are an appropriate food source please book them I can’t recommend the food and the friendliness of the crew enough!

If however you are just having a small gathering at home and wish to recreate this delicious treat for your next party then there are two real ways to go about it homemade or not homemade.  But readers please, even if you don’t make your ice cream from scratch and you buy some delicious lets say Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for your treat at least do your guests a favor and make the cookies yourself!  This treat tastes so much better on a warm soft fresh cookie!  The two flavors of cookies I have tried from Captain Cookie are chocolate chip and snickerdoodle both with vanilla Ice Cream.  Both are fantastic.

You’ll need to make your cookies a bit big to be able to hold all of your ice cream.  Though I  still end up eating it all with a spoon in a bowl.  Another fun thing to do is to dip the sides of your sandwich in something to dress it up a bowl of chocolate chips or sprinkles will certainly do!  Have some fun options for your guests to try and if you need inspiration check out Captain Cookies website to check out their delicious choices!




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