Easy Halloween Games for Your Party

Five Easy Halloween Games for your Party

Halloween is this Friday and many of you might be having some get togethers with friends or family before going out trick or treating or maybe to continue the celebrations on Saturday.  Here is a quick list of 5 fun activities you can do at that party for all ages!

1.   Pop Goes the Pumpkin: Though this is more of a children’s game I think adults will still enjoy pop goes the pumpkin if you give it a more adult twist.  In the kids version you put the pumpkin up on the wall fill the balloons with confetti and allow some to have candy in them.  If the kids get the right balloon they get a candy surprise.  To up the anti for adults, who still might like this game, instead of going up to the balloons and popping them bring back the old carnival style and allow them to throw darts at the balloons!  You might not like them to do this if this is you own wall at home but if you put this all on a big piece of cork board you shouldn’t end up with much damage.

2. Pumpkin Golf: For this game your objective is to hit the golf ball into the mouth of your pumpkin.  You must carve out a pumpkin making the mouth extra large, create a ramp to the mouth using cardboard or whatever you have handy, tape the ramp to the floor for stability, and let your guest have fun hitting the golf balls into the mouth of the pumpkin.  Make sure you have golf clubs of different sizes for your guests and many golf balls.  To simplify this game you can cut the mouth out down to the floor and that allows you to lose the ramp access needed before.

3. Toilet Paper Mummy Run: Divide up your guests into teams of two.  Give each group a roll of toilet paper, white crepe paper, or fabric (toilet paper is the funniest). At the given sound either a song or buzzer each team must wrap one team member from head to toe (leaving room to breath and the arms free from the body).  At the end of the song or whenever you ring the buzzer again the “mummy” must run to cross the finish line before all the other mummy’s.

4. What’s in the Bowl?: What could it be? Jell-O Guts, Grape Eyes, Spaghetti Inners, Cauliflower Brains? Fill separate bowls with different items that feel slimy and gross, cover each bowl with black felt and attach the felt to the bowl with tape or a rubber band.  Cut a slit in the felt for everyone to put their hand inside without peaking.  Put a number in front of each bowl.  Give everyone a sheet of paper with numbers on it of how many bowls are on the table and a writing utensil.  Allow each person to put one hand in the bowl and with the opposite hand write down what they are feeling.  After everyone has finished collect the sheets and announce a winner!  It is also nice to have wet wipes available for everyone after they put their hand in each bowl!

5. Murder Mystery Party: If you click the link you’re in for a treat.  This is a link for free murder mystery games and are for anywhere from 6-28 guests. Each game includes character descriptions and scripts so your guests will be ready to get into the game. Some of the free games also include free invitations, name tags, props, and more.

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