Late Night Wedding Snacks

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If your wedding reception is going late into the night you will need to provide some late night snacks for you guests.  If dinner is served at 6pm and the party goes on until midnight and you have guests consuming a lot of alcohol from that free bar you’re providing, the smart thing to do is to provide a late night treat! Snacks should be portable and easy to eat since people will not be taking them back to their seats but rather eating them on the go and possibly even while dancing!   I’ve gathered together some late night snack suggestions just for you that you and your guests will love!

Cool Night Treats

If you have an outdoor location you might be able to provide guests with a fire pit that they can roast marshmallows around to eat with your s’mores bar!  When I was scouting out locations for my winter wedding in Vermont a lot of locations provided this service for weddings. The venue I ended up picking didn’t let you make your own s’mores but they did create some for the guests to enjoy.  We also included a hot coco bar with them to keep that warming up theme going.

Bite-Sized Burgers

A mini burger bar is a great way to refuel and refresh for the dance floor. Just remember if you’re providing burgers and you have a large group of vegetarians at your reception you might want to make sure your include a vegetarian option as well!  The size of the bite-sized burger will allow your guest to finish fast and be more mobile with their snack.


Mini pizzas are a delicious and carb filled late night snacks all of your alcohol filled guests will appreciate.  If mini pizzas don’t seem classy enough for you they can always be artisanal french bread pizzas!

Popcorn Bar

All you need to do is provide some pre popped popcorn in some cute bags and some seasonal popcorn toppings for your guests to sprinkle on top!  The company Kernels has a bunch for you to try including ketchup and pickle… though I wouldn’t try those ones!

French Fries

Again this is another one of those snacks that doesn’t seem very wedding fancy. But, if you serve them in a cute paper cone and provide a french fry bar with different seasonings and dipping sauces for your guests to chose from they will think it is fun and yummy activity.

Ice Cream Bar

You’ve already had the cake or cupcakes but why not a late night Ice Cream bar? It’s a sweet treat and you can include lots of toppings if you want to enhance it and make it a whole sundae bar!

Coffee Bar

If you’re not having coffee served directly to guests seats a coffee bar is a great way to go.  And lets face it at the time of the reception that the coffee is served who is still sitting at their seat to receive it?  Having a coffee bar instead allows guests to go up and get exactly what they want for their coffee and add some other fun toppings like flavorings or whip cream!

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