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Post Wedding Brunch Tips


There is a lot of planning that goes into the wedding and that doesn’t include just planning the big day!  There is the rehearsal dinner, the getting ready plans, the showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties and then of course there is the post wedding brunch.  During the reception there is little time for the happy couple to relax and socialize with all of their guests.  They are in high demand on this day so very often the wedding celebration turns into a full weekend affair of events.  Because so many people travel in from out of town it is also nice to be able to provide them with a little parting snack on their way out of town.

Very often this brunch is reserved for just family and wedding party members because lets face it you don’t want to have to feed 150 people another meal it’s just not in the budget! But this event also gives the couple a little bit more time to see their relatives who they may not have seen for quite a while.  It is also a chance for the couple to relax and rest after the big night is done!

Post Wedding Brunch Tips

Good luck and remember not to stress about this event.  If you want to leave it out all together that is just fine too! There are no rules stating you must have a post wedding brunch it’s just a nice touch!

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