Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, and Snowzilla 2016 Party Ideas (Also Good for a Hurricane Party)

Snowmageddon PartyTips

Snowmageddon 2.0 is rearing it’s ugly head here in the D.C. area, friends and families are gathering together to bear through the storm together.  It reminds me of when I lived in Florida and people came together for hurricane parties.  So I wanted to give you all some Snowmageddon  Party Tips to help you celebrate no matter the condition.

First let me say PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be safe and follow all safety measures.  Have lots of water, non perishable food, candles, blanket and other items to keep you warm.  No matter what you do don’t put your generator in the house.  And shovel your show in shifts don’t let it all pile up and try to do it all at once you will kill your back!  Trust me I’m from upstate NY and I lived in Canada! For more snow safety tips please click here.

Choose a safe location that you think has the best chance of retaining power. That way you can enjoy some fun movie binges!

hot cocoHopefully by now you have all of your food and drinks handy but if you don’t make sure you have some baking materials.  A fun activity for any snowed in experience is baking with your friends and then eating it all up! Another fun thing to do is to create your own hot coco bar.  Always a good treat to enjoy when you come in from the snow!  For some hot coco bar tips click here.  Chocolate tasting matIf you  are still running out for some supplies this morning you can also run out for a few chocolate bars and try out this chocolate tasting party idea! Click Here for more info.

Now on to the fun activities you can do with your friends or family during this storm! If you are interested in playing any of these games please make sure you save how to play the game in case your power goes out!

Untitled design-3

Click the image to brought to the game. The intense name is a simple game you can play with 2 teams and some paper and pens!   Loads of fun that can be played multiple times over and over again!   Have lots of fun with this one!


the roommate game

Click the image to be brought to the game. This game was made for RA’s to play with their floors.  Pairs of roommates gather together to answer questions.  But this game also works with pairs of friends or couples.  You don’t necessarily need to be roommates.  All questions are provided and there is a very simple supply list. You should have them all laying around the house!


Trivia Night


Want 130 trivia questions and free question sheets you can print out?  Then click the image on the left because this link is for you! This is a free trivia game for you to play with all of your storm guests! Enjoy!






If you have any of these supplies laying around the house this is also a really fun list of minute to win it games you can try out! Click the image for more info.


If you have a lot of party games laying around you can also check out my list of top party games and top nerdier party games!


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