Party Goodie Bag

Remember when you were a kid and you would go to a friends birthday party.   Often you’d come to the end of the party, the part where your friend is opening up all of their awesome gifts, and you’d become so sad because that toy you brought your friend had to stay with your friend…  But never fear the goodie bag was always there for you!  You were sent home with some little toys and candy!  Now lets face it the toys probably broke the first day but at least the candy was good right!

This weekend we had some friends over for board game brunch and I wanted to make sure my guests left with something just like those birthday parties when we were kids.  So I decided to make them some DIY goodie bags. I took out my mason jars ($2-3 per jar at World Market) filled them with candy and BAM they had their goodie bag and a selection of candies they can pick from to take home with them.

Do you want to make your own personalized goodie bags? Follow these easy steps to make your own goodie bags for your next party:

1. Get out all of your supplies: Piece of scrap booking paper, hole punch, ribbon, glue stick or glue, scissors, score pad (if you don’t have a score pad grab a pen and a ruler).

2. Next flip the paper over and score or draw with your pen a line on your paper on the 3, 6, 9 and 12in mark. Then cut off one of the outside 1/4s.

3. Then flip the paper around and score or draw the lines again on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 inch mark.

4. Next you will keep your paper having4 squares across the top and 3 down the side.  On the left side cut out the top and bottom square to make it look like the image to the right.

5. To make the rest of the process easier, you should fold the square part of your paper in half each way to create diagonal lines across the paper.

6. Then it is time to get out the glue sticks you will take the corner and fold it into the middle square by using the diagonal fold, glue the triangle down to the square and then glue it to itself to create the hard square edge as you can see to the right.

7. Do the same thing to the other side to make the start of a square box.  In the image to the left you can see how the paper folds into itself.  Click the image to see the step closer up.

8. You will then do step 6 and 7 again on the other side leaving the flap sticking out as you can see in the image to the right.  Right now it looks like you have a box but it wont stay that way for long.

9. Pinch the box together so that it begins squeeze the top of the box into a triangle shape.

10. You will then fold down the flap in half and glue it down, as you can see in the image to the right.

11. Next you will pun holes in both the flap and the top of the box part so that you move on to the next step with your ribbon.


12. Put the ribbon first through the holes in the base of your goodie bag as you can see in the image on the right.  Then you will thread the ribbon through the top flap as you can see in the image to the left. Pull the ribbon tight and tie a bow.


13.  You can either leave your goodie bag at this point and be done, allow your guest to choose which ever bag they would like to fill at your party or you can add name plates to personalize each bag for your guests.


Last but certainly not least, set your goodie bags out in a central location so your guests can see their gifts as soon as they walk in the door and be excited about the candy they will get to take home!

Variations and tips for the goodie bag:

  • For a variation you could skip the mason jars (or use any jar or cup you have) and instead pre fill each bag with the candy’s for them to take home; but, I like to let my guest pick and chose which candies they want to take home with them as an activity.
  • Another variation would be to use these goodie bags as your place cards at a dinner party, that way your guests have their place setting but also something to take away.
  • This time of year, being post Halloween time, is a great time of the year to either find cheap Halloween candy on sale or use that candy you have left over in your house.

Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

Tonight I began to make some easy Thanksgiving place cards.  Thanksgiving is only two weeks out and it is time to start prepping!  If you are looking for something simple just follow these easy steps for some DIY place cards!

1.  Begin by cutting a long strip of a thick piece of paper for the base of your place card.

Here I do use a score pad but if you don’t have one you can use scissors.

2.  Next take your strip and cut it into three even pieces.

3.  Then Fold each in half.

4.  Next cut another color of paper into small enough strips to fit on both

sides of the folded paper.  Then glue them down to either side.

5. Then write on either side.  As you can see I wrote the guests name on one

side and on the other I wrote: I am thankful for… If you leave pens or markers on your Thanksgiving table you can have your guests write what they are thankful for and your guests can go around letting everyone know during dinner.

6. For extra flair you can add items like leaves, or cut outs of leaves, acorns, pumpkins, or you can draw a design on them as well.

For another variation you can make your place card larger and more colorful by using a slightly different design and colorful paper.  See in the images below:

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away so let’s talk candle centerpieces for Thanksgiving.  Now I know I have brought candle centerpieces up a few times, but that is because you buy these items once and you can keep using them over and over again. This simple candle holder is just a $1 from the Dollar Tree.  Buy an orange, brown, or red candle and bam you could be done or you could add some more holiday pizzaz to your design.

Add some corn seeds or any other beans you have around the house underneath the candle to achieve this look:

Candles or flowers either can work just grab some acorns and leaves from outside:

Some other household items you could use for your centerpiece candles could be substituting corn seeds with coffee beans you will even the added bonus of the scent.  If you can’t find leaves outside anymore the Dollar Tree has a package of faux leaves for just $1, they also have a package of decorative hay for just$1 that can be used to make a centerpiece. You can find some nice pebbles in your lawn, as a substitute, just make sure the color candle looks good with the rocks.  You can easily find colorful gourds for $2-3 at the grocery store to use in your table decoration.  And any dollar store will have Thanksgiving themed ribbon to tie in a bow around your candle holder.

Do you have a DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece to share?  Let me know!

Election Day Film Fest Party

Tired of watching all of that election day coverage already?  Still in the mood for some election themed ambiance during your party while you’re waiting for the results to come in? Then here is a list of some of my favorite election themed films that are sure to liven up you party tonight! Click the image of the film for more information.


A favorite cable TV repeat that I used to watch constantly as a kid!  This if begins after the cheating president (Kevin Kline) suffers a stroke, his lookalike stand-in, Dave, takes over the country indefinitely. Of course, he does such a good job filling in that those in-the-know start to wonder if he’s the better candidate.

Wag the Dog

Apparently presidential sex scandal films was a theme in the 90’s but another one of my favorite election films.  Wag the Dog follows our main characters trying bury the scandal in the run-up to an election, a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) is hired to divert the country’s attention to a fake war.

The American President

It’s not election night without a little Michael Douglas as the president!  Douglas is a widowed president who, much to his opponent’s delight, begins dating a lobbyist as he seeks re-election and of course it is quite the scandal!


This film takes a dark look at the world of student elections.  As someone who has been in elections in both high school and in college I can relate to this one! Reese Witherspoon stars as the ruthlessly determined Tracy Flick, who runs into plenty of competition for student body president.

Man of the Yea

To my fellow 20 somethings who have grown up with figures like John Stewart and Steven Colbert this film may speak to you! Man of the year stars Robin Williams a Jon Stewart-esque figure who enters a presidential election satirically, then discovers an unexpected large amount of support.  The film takes a shot at the two party system process as a whole while managing to stay funny!

The Ides of March

Just out last fall this is a star-studded political drama that gives the viewer a glimpse behind the scenes of a Democratic primary campaign, with Ryan Gosling as a junior campaign manager to George Clooney’s the presidential hopeful. Filled with drama and great performances if you are looking for something a little more serious this should be on the list!

West Wing Season 4

Ok, ok, this isn’t a movie I know!  But watching the election season of West Wing well it just get’s me in the election night mood! and Episode 72 or rather episode 7 of season for is the actual “election night” episode… So if you have to pick just one episode of the West Wing to watch tonight. It should probably be that one, don’t you think?

Do you have a film that I may have forgotten?  Leave me a comment! 

Election Day Party Ideas

Are you gearing up to watch the election results tonight?  Obviously the center of everyones attention will be what’s on the TV screen tonight but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring out themed food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.  Whether your party is single party focused or bi partisan you still have time to run out there and get some election theme goodies!

Don’t have time to bake!  Don’t worry!  Run to the grocery store and pick up some sugar cookies, vanilla frosting, red and blue sprinkles and some red and blue food coloring.   Mix up three bowls of frosting one white, one blue, and one red.  Then while your party guests are all gathered around the TV tonight let them decide how they decorate their cookies, they can go along party lines or make their cookie truly patriotic!  Either way it’s something fun and will keep people busy while they wait out the results.  If you do have time to bake you can still whip up a batch of your own sugar cookies or cupcakes to have the exact same results!

Still need ideas for election drinks?  And want something more than red and blue fruit punch?  Well, I’m not sure if 7-11 are still doing their elections cups but there have to be some other drink ideas out there for your party… Even if you need to run out there and buy some red and blue solo cups for people to put their beer into there are ways you can still be patriotic with the drinks without spending to much! There are also a million Red Alcoholic Drink Recipes HERE or some Blue Alcoholic Drink Recipes HERE. Take a look see what you already have laying around that you can make to give your guests tonight at your party!  And no matter what happens tonight during the election hopefully you can still have a fun time with your friends eagerly awaiting the results!

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