Concerts and Carnivals

One year ago today I produced my last major concert and carnival for a local university.  A lot of work goes into an event like this.  And a lot of help is needed too.  To a produce an event like this you need to break it down into a few different pieces: Concert, Carnival, Logistics, Food/Beverages/Vendors, Volunteer Coordination andContinue reading “Concerts and Carnivals”

Mason Day featuring Jesse McCartney 4.25.15 Fairfax Virginia

My next big event is approaching very very quickly… Mason Day is my biggest event of the year featuring food, carnival rides, novelties, a concert and so much more!!! If you’re in the Fairfax Virginia area you should come by and check it out this Friday 4.25.15 for more details Click Here.

Free Event Planning Guide

So you want to plan your own event and need some help but don’t want to hire an event planner.  Or just need a helpful tool for you to plan your next floor event (RA’s what’s up).  Then here is a great tool for you! Now some items in this guide wont apply to everyone’sContinue reading “Free Event Planning Guide”