Free Event Planning Guide

So you want to plan your own event and need some help but don’t want to hire an event planner.  Or just need a helpful tool for you to plan your next floor event (RA’s what’s up).  Then here is a great tool for you! Now some items in this guide wont apply to everyone’sContinue reading “Free Event Planning Guide”

Graduation Beer Tasting Party

It’s graduation season at work which means a lot of amazing seniors will be leaving us this year.  One of the fun things we’ve been putting on the past few years is a beer tasting for seniors.  All seniors pay $5 to attend.  We rent out a local bar space, give them free food, andContinue reading “Graduation Beer Tasting Party”

Decorating your Graduation Cap Party

It’s graduation time which means if you get to keep your graduation cap you can decorate it!  A great party to create with your friends before graduation or for parents to create for their seniors is a cap decorating party!  Get some fun snacks and drinks out set up your supplies and let everyone decorateContinue reading “Decorating your Graduation Cap Party”

Graduation Party

Well most colleges have been out for a while unless you are on the quarter system and high school graduations across the US are just beginning.  So now it’s getting to be crunch time to plan that graduation party for your recent grad! In today’s post I am not going to speak to much aboutContinue reading “Graduation Party”