Graduation Beer Tasting Party


Thanks to Dennis Hicks for taking this awesome photo of our glasses

It’s graduation season at work which means a lot of amazing seniors will be leaving us this year.  One of the fun things we’ve been putting on the past few years is a beer tasting for seniors.  All seniors pay $5 to attend.  We rent out a local bar space, give them free food, and we buy these amazing beer steins from 4imprint to give each senior.  Then we bring in a local brewery to have a professional beer tasting with the students.  They each tried 4 beers and all of them really seemed to enjoy the experience.  Last year was our first year doing this we had around 50 people.  This year we doubled our numbers selling out at 100!

But come on now you don’t read this blog to be able to program fun activities for your college campus.  Or maybe you do I don’t know.  You want to know how you can do this type of event at home right!  If you can afford to get your guest personalized beer mugs then do it they are awesome!  And everyone will love it!  If you can’t you can always decorate mugs or beer glasses for your guests by purchasing them and decorating them yourself.  Or you can let your guests do the decorating if they are crafty.  For more information on decorating glass please CLICK HERE.


If you can’t bring in your own personal brewer to perform the tasting you can easily get a kit!  I’ve even purchased one for my husband before and he’s had a great time having beer tastings with his friends! This kit here to the left is actually the one I got him.  This image was put out there by Shop Trohv but I purchased it a year ago from a home goods store, and I know I have seen it at Target before as well.

Congrats Class of 2014 now that you are legal enjoy your graduation with this fun activity!


Decorating your Graduation Cap Party

cap decorating

It’s graduation time which means if you get to keep your graduation cap you can decorate it!  A great party to create with your friends before graduation or for parents to create for their seniors is a cap decorating party!  Get some fun snacks and drinks out set up your supplies and let everyone decorate away!


(you can buy all, some or none of the items on the list if you choose)

A lot of our grads have been posting their cap designs to our schools twitter.

Which is your favorite?

A couple of my favorite students caps are featured in this gallery 🙂

Graduation Party

Well most colleges have been out for a while unless you are on the quarter system and high school graduations across the US are just beginning.  So now it’s getting to be crunch time to plan that graduation party for your recent grad!

In today’s post I am not going to speak to much about food, you buy what you want for the amount of guests that you have.  This this post will focus more on things to do at the graduation and decorations.

Graduation Party Decorations: 

Picking your Graduation Party Color Theme- Now here are some traditional options: going with the color of the school they are graduating from, going with the colors of the school they are about to go to.  But also don’t forget to include the grad in the decision-making process who knows their favorite color might be pink and they’d rather have a whole pink party.  


You might also have all this extra blue decorations lying around from your last party you’d rather reuse than spend more money on decorations so go ahead reuse and recycle!

Graduation Party Banner – I love this website that lets you download and make your own banner.  It is really perfect for any event but especially great for graduation!

This website is so easy!  All you need to do is click on the letter and print!  Add your own background and attach to a string however you’d like and there you have it you’re own beautiful graduation banner in what ever color theme you are going for!

Click Here to be brought to the website.

DIYDixieCupLightGarland8Graduation Party Lights- Use your color theme to help give old christmas lights you have laying around the house a little graduation pop!

All you need is: a pack of Paper Water Cups,  scissors and an xacto knife, scrapbook paper in desired colors, white Fairy String Lights
(LED is best), double-sided tape, and a pencil.

Click Here for instructions on how to make your own Dixie Cup Garland


Graduation Party Photo’s- Now is the time to display photographs from the grad growing up. There are many ways to do this.  A scrap-book, photo album, poster board with old photo’s and many more.  If you look at the image to the right you will see another method.  By using strings or yarn across a wall inside or outside you can use clothespins to display those old family photo’s.

Graduation Party Activities:

banner-mld108404_vertLeaving Messages for the Grad– This can be done in a variety of ways.  You can leave the grads yearbook out on the table for guests to sign (check with the grad first they might want their yearbook reserved for just their school friends), you can have a message box placed out and paper for people to leave messages for the grad, or you can also do my favorite method a message wall.  A message wall is when you take a large piece of Butcher Paper, place it up on the wall and either let people sign the large paper or leave Post-its notes out for people to write on and then place on the wall.  The post it method is best if your grad would like to take the messages with them off to college since a giant sign most likely wont fit on their wall.

Graduation LibsGraduationlibs– You’ve may have done these as a child or at a wedding.  I created one for the college graduate!  There are some out there for people to leave advise for the graduate; however, this one is for the graduates at the party themselves to play with.  This is another one that is available in etsy for a fee that will personalize it to your grad and is the kind for guests who are not graduating.  Click Here for College Version.  Click Here for High School Version.

For other games please go back to the home page and check out previous posts on games for many more options that are not graduation specific.