Easy National Pi 3.14 Day Party ideas!

Tomorrow is National Pi Day! What is National Pi Day you might wonder?  Well if you’re ever taken a math class in high school you’ll know that Pi “π” is a symbol used to represent a constant “the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter” which begins 3.14 and then goes on andContinue reading “Easy National Pi 3.14 Day Party ideas!”

Super Bowl Party Ideas

It’s Super Bowl time again! Last year I gave you a bunch of amazing ideas that you can find HERE but here are a couple of new ideas for your Super Bowl party this weekend! Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries:  Ingredients and Needs: 1-½ cup Dark or Milk Chocolate Chips or melting chocolate (you can get them atContinue reading “Super Bowl Party Ideas”

State of the Union Games

The State of the Union is on tonight.  And if you live in the Washington DC area like I do that tends to be an event friends gather for.  So how do you make your State of the Union watch party more enjoyable for your guests?  Well add games to them of course! How aboutContinue reading “State of the Union Games”

Free New Years Eve Game Idea Generator

I went all out New Years Eve last year and planed a large party for all of my closest friends and relatives.  I should probably mention that that party was in fact my wedding… So this year I am happy to sit back and let someone else plan the festivities for my first weeding anniversary.Continue reading “Free New Years Eve Game Idea Generator”

Free Holiday Party Planning Guide

Well, Thanksgiving is over which means it’s time to start planning your holiday parties.  And to wish all of my faithful readers a happy holidays early I created this easy and free Holiday Party Planning Guide.  Just in case you need a little help getting your planning off the ground take a look download itContinue reading “Free Holiday Party Planning Guide”