Free Wedding Photographers

We are getting a photographer for our wedding.  But we’re only getting one, not 5-6 like I’ve seen at some weddings I’ve been to lately.  Why?  Because we just can’t afford something like that.  So instead we are going with this free and easy event idea.  Asking our wedding guests to help us out andContinue reading “Free Wedding Photographers”

Free Online Save The Dates or Invitations

Did you know that weddings are really expensive… I did, but every day mine gets more and more expensive and I don’t really like that.  One way to get around paying for yet another thing was to send electronic save the date cards.  Now some may still find this tacky but in today’s society itContinue reading “Free Online Save The Dates or Invitations”

Wedding Photo Booth Dilemma

If you’ve read my blog before you’d know I am very frugal.  Whether I am planning events for work or my own personal events I like to be cost effective.  This doesn’t change when I am planning my own wedding.  Weddings are EXPENSIVE!!!! But being the event planner that I am I also want toContinue reading “Wedding Photo Booth Dilemma”

Wedding Reception Games

So one thing I was worried about for my upcoming wedding, among the billions of things to worry about associated with weddings, was what will people do that don’t want to dance? Dinner is done, and there are really only three main activities for people, eating, drinking, and dancing.  But what happens to those nonContinue reading “Wedding Reception Games”