Wedding Transportation Tips

An often overlooked area of wedding planning is the transportation.  It is also an area where big saving can be made by well… not having any.  If your wedding ceremony and reception are in the same location, you’re getting ready there and everything is taking place in one spot you might not even need any!Continue reading “Wedding Transportation Tips”

Winter Wedding Tips

Summer is ending, Fall is beginning, and Winter is on it’s way in! The majority of weddings take place in the summer when lots of vacations happen but fall and spring weddings are close behind.  Winter weddings are a bit more rare but just as beautiful!  I myself chose to have a Winter wedding andContinue reading “Winter Wedding Tips”

Who Should be in your Wedding Party? We Make the Decision Easier for you!

You’ve said yes and started planning the big day and now it’s time to figure out who should stand next to you on your big day?  Who should plan your shower and your bachelorette party? Who is going to help you in your dress on the big day to pee when you can’t get outContinue reading “Who Should be in your Wedding Party? We Make the Decision Easier for you!”

Keeping Kids Happy at the Wedding

When you’re planning your wedding and deciding on the guest list one thing you must determine is whether or not your wedding will be child friendly.  You might say this is an easy answer, none of my family or friends have kids, or on the opposite side your family and friends all have a lotContinue reading “Keeping Kids Happy at the Wedding”