What to put in your Welcome Bags

What is a a Welcome Bag you may ask? They are a little bag, pail, or basket of goodies for your out-of-town guests staying at your block booked hotel.  They can either be sitting at the desk when guests check in or delivered to the guests room for the day they check in, depending onContinue reading “What to put in your Welcome Bags”

100 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Budget savvy brides and grooms it’s time to give you a compiled list of ways to save money on the big day! Weddings are a very expensive ordeal and there are some budget friendly ways you can cut corners.  Now before you go about cutting these corners make a list of what aspects of theContinue reading “100 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day”

Cutting the Guest List in Minutes

Do you have a big event coming up?  A Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Baby Shower. or even a birthday party?  Well then you might need help with your guest list!  Whether a party for 150 or 20 there is always a master list created of who’d you like to invite and then it’s time to pairContinue reading “Cutting the Guest List in Minutes”

What to ask your Wedding Photographer

  It’s wedding season and it’s time for you to book your wedding photographer.  There are some real key questions and discussion topics you might want to go over before booking your photographer along with looking over their samples.  Always also ask friends and see if they have any recommendations for photographer! 1. What isContinue reading “What to ask your Wedding Photographer”