Free Trivia Game for your Trivia Night Event

Want something fun to do at your next party?  Or for all of the RA’s that read this blog which according to my statistics is a lot, your next floor event! Why not turn it into a trivia night! Tips for hosting trivia:  Set up your venue properly- Make sure that there are a lotContinue reading “Free Trivia Game for your Trivia Night Event”

Easy Halloween Games for Your Party

Halloween is this Friday and many of you might be having some get togethers with friends or family before going out trick or treating or maybe to continue the celebrations on Saturday.  Here is a quick list of 5 fun activities you can do at that party for all ages! 1.   Pop Goes theContinue reading “Easy Halloween Games for Your Party”

Easy Movie Theme Events

Are you having a movie theme party with your friends or for your floor (attention RA’s).  Well  there is a little tool we use in the campus programming world I think you should know about!    But first the basics. Film Rights Basics When we screen movies on a campus we have to get theContinue reading “Easy Movie Theme Events”

66th Annual Emmy Awards Party

  It’s award season already!  Last night was the VMA’s and tonight is the Emmy’s so it’s only fair that you my faithful readers receive an Emmy Award Ballot for your party tonight!  Print out enjoy and tally up the winners!  Make sure you have a prize for your guest that gets the most winnersContinue reading “66th Annual Emmy Awards Party”

Have a Painting Party!

Need to de-stress?  Then have a painting party!  It’s great for a group of friends or a residence hall floor! It doesn’t matter if you’re good at painting or not.  There are tons of methods of painting that require no talent at all.  Want to see? See this image all I did to create itContinue reading “Have a Painting Party!”