Easy Family Feud for Floor or Friends

Looking for a fun game to play with a big crowd?  This game is fun for RA’s to use with their floors, building, all of res life or just a large group of friends.  I modeled it after the popular TV game show Family Feud when I made it for my floor 10 years ago.Continue reading “Easy Family Feud for Floor or Friends”

Easy Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling

Are you having an evening BBQ any time soon or are you going camping with your friends and family?  Well then here is a fun game for you to play once it gets dark out at night! Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling. Supplies: 10 water bottles 10 glow sticks Ball– basketball, baseball, tennis ballContinue reading “Easy Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling”

Memorial Day Party

Memorial day is the official start to the summer season in my mind.  It means bbq’s, popsicles and yard games.  But it is also a holiday for remembering those who gave their lives while in service.  This year for Memorial Day I wont be celebrating with a BBQ however, because I will be off inContinue reading “Memorial Day Party”

90s Theme Party Make your own GAK

What does every 90s theme party need?  A make your own GAK station of course! It is sooooo easy to do and at our 90s theme party at work last week I made this a fun activity for our guests to do! If you for what ever reason don’t remember GAK do yourself a favorContinue reading “90s Theme Party Make your own GAK”

90’s Theme Party Make Your Own DunkAroos

Dunkaroos aren’t being made in America any more… I know I’m as shocked as you are!  These were a classic treat during my childhood and I can’t believe they aren’t still on the market here unless you pay a lot on Amazon. So what do you do when you are having a 90’s theme eventContinue reading “90’s Theme Party Make Your Own DunkAroos”