Twitter Series of Holiday Party Advice

Hello Holiday Party Planners!  Over the past month I have been posting a series of #holidayparty advice to everyone on twitter @easyeventideas.  Every day I give my twitter followers an #eventplanning tip but for the holidays I changed things up a bit!  Today I am going to post all of that advise here for you! Get ready!Continue reading “Twitter Series of Holiday Party Advice”

DIY Candy Cane Decoration Craft

It’s the holiday season and you might be having a party this week to celebrate!  Well here is a fun little craft you can do to decorate, use as place cards, or give to your guests as a parting gift.  DIY beaded candy canes are so easy you could have your kids make them!  Continue reading “DIY Candy Cane Decoration Craft”

A Very Star Warsy Christmas

My house is having it’s first Star Warsy Christmas this year.  To explain why this is happening I must explain that I don’t celebrate Christmas, my Fiance does and thus I don’t really care how he wishes to decorate for the holiday.  Usually for Christmas we go back to his parents house so we don’tContinue reading “A Very Star Warsy Christmas”