Graduation Beer Tasting Party

It’s graduation season at work which means a lot of amazing seniors will be leaving us this year.  One of the fun things we’ve been putting on the past few years is a beer tasting for seniors.  All seniors pay $5 to attend.  We rent out a local bar space, give them free food, andContinue reading “Graduation Beer Tasting Party”

HIMYM Finale Party Ideas

After 9 seasons How I Met Your Mother Finale airs tonight. So it is only appropriate that there should be some HIMYM finale parties happening.  Here are some quick tips to have an amazing finale party. 1. Make sure before the show begins you play Robin Sparkle Videos on loop. 2. Ask your guests to SuitContinue reading “HIMYM Finale Party Ideas”

How much alcohol should you buy?

So in my last post I posted some images to help you figure out what kinds of alcohol to buy for your next party.  Today I am going to talk about how much to buy for your next party. Now it’s always tough to assume how much alcohol you should have on hand.  You needContinue reading “How much alcohol should you buy?”