Passover and Easter Printable Placemats

Passover and Easter are coming up very shortly!  So to celebrate I have made placemats for kids to celebrate both holidays! Make sure you head over to our Etsy Shop to pick yours up today! only $6 each but since you’re visiting our site to get them I’m going to give you a discount! ApplyContinue reading “Passover and Easter Printable Placemats”

Top 10 Easter Party Deals

Easter is coming up this Sunday which means you might be planning an Easter party for friends and family.  Well then I wanted to give you some great easter deals that you can still get your hands on today before the big event!  Check out their links below for more information. 1. Easter Egg Lantern Decorations–Continue reading “Top 10 Easter Party Deals”

“Easter” Egg Hunts aren’t Just for Kids

  I promise you faithful readers, Easter egg hunts aren’t just for kids.  My birthday falls at the end of March and when I was little my mother created a tradition of always having an “Easter” egg hunt my birthday party.  I never celebrated Easter so this was a fun activity I never really didContinue reading ““Easter” Egg Hunts aren’t Just for Kids”