The Roommate Game

10 years ago, I can’t believe it’s been that long already… I was a Resident Advisor (RA) or as they called it where I went to school Res Fellow (shout out to Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA).  Back then I had to do the standard programming, passive programs aka posters and fun stuff on theContinue reading “The Roommate Game”

Olympic Opening Ceremony Party

The Winter Olympics begin this Thursday in Sochi Russia which means if you are having a prime time watch party you need to get ready now!  There are two main ways to decorate and enterntain for the Olympics.  The first is to celebrate your home country or which ever country/countries you will be routing forContinue reading “Olympic Opening Ceremony Party”

Easy Superbowl Party Ideas

Here are just a few simple tips to have an easy and fun Super Bowl party with a little added flair! Silverware Holders    These easy to do silverware holders can be made with stuff you have around the house! All you need: Left over cans Brown paper White paint Scissors Paint Brush Glue CoverContinue reading “Easy Superbowl Party Ideas”

Minute to Win it Games for Teams

  At work next week we are having a staff retreat day at a park.  My fellow colleague and I were tasked with coming up with games for everyone to play while we are at the park.  And lets face it my office team is competitive!  So we’ve come up with a series of minuteContinue reading “Minute to Win it Games for Teams”

Pool Party Ideas

It is officially getting hot out there!  If you are lucky enough to own a pool or have access to a pool then you know that will be the place to be this summer.  But how do you throw an awesome Pool party? After you have invited all of your pool worth friends over setContinue reading “Pool Party Ideas”