Winter Wonderland

Well Chanukah has passed, Christmas is next week, and Winter is here for quite a while.  So even if you don’t have snow outside how do you make your home into a winter wonderland for all of your upcoming holiday parties?  The basic color scheme of your decorations should be: white, silver, and light blueContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”

Holiday Party Give Away/Place Card Idea

I am heading out of town for the holiday to spend them with my boyfriend and his family.  Being the crafty event planner that I am I wanted to make everyone a little something for the holidays.  This is what I came up with: Toilet Paper Roll Candy Place Cards: This can be used asContinue reading “Holiday Party Give Away/Place Card Idea”

Cookie Exchange Party

First of all what is a cookie exchange party?  Also known as cookie swap, a cookie exchange is a party that brings together a group friends and acquaintances that like to bake.  Every guest must bring enough of one to two types of cookies to share with everyone else.  At the party, everyone can sampleContinue reading “Cookie Exchange Party”

‘Twas the Day before Thanksgiving

‘Twas the Day before Thanksgiving, and all through the towns, Everyone was bustling, even the clowns. If you aren’t one of the millions traveling today then you are probably hosting the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.  Are you ready for all of the company of friends and family that will be coming over tomorrow?  Avoid theContinue reading “‘Twas the Day before Thanksgiving”