Memorial Day Party

Memorial day is the official start to the summer season in my mind.  It means bbq’s, popsicles and yard games.  But it is also a holiday for remembering those who gave their lives while in service.  This year for Memorial Day I wont be celebrating with a BBQ however, because I will be off inContinue reading “Memorial Day Party”

90s Theme Party Make your own GAK

What does every 90s theme party need?  A make your own GAK station of course! It is sooooo easy to do and at our 90s theme party at work last week I made this a fun activity for our guests to do! If you for what ever reason don’t remember GAK do yourself a favorContinue reading “90s Theme Party Make your own GAK”

HIMYM Finale Party Ideas

After 9 seasons How I Met Your Mother Finale airs tonight. So it is only appropriate that there should be some HIMYM finale parties happening.  Here are some quick tips to have an amazing finale party. 1. Make sure before the show begins you play Robin Sparkle Videos on loop. 2. Ask your guests to SuitContinue reading “HIMYM Finale Party Ideas”

Chocolate Tasting Party

Well Valentines Day is tomorrow and since I will most likely have to work I decided to host my own Chocolate tasting party for my husband and I today (we are having a snow day here in Virginia).  If you are an avid reader of my blog you’ll know I have already spoken about thisContinue reading “Chocolate Tasting Party”

Easy Valentines Day Decorating With CANDY!

Valentines Day is coming up one week from today and it’s time to start getting ready.  Here are just a few simple ideas for decorations using my favorite part of any holiday the CANDY. Valentines Day like any other holiday comes with it’s cliché candies readily available for you to buy in the store.  CandiesContinue reading “Easy Valentines Day Decorating With CANDY!”