Easy Movie Theme Events

Are you having a movie theme party with your friends or for your floor (attention RA’s).  Well  there is a little tool we use in the campus programming world I think you should know about!    But first the basics. Film Rights Basics When we screen movies on a campus we have to get theContinue reading “Easy Movie Theme Events”

RA Programming Ideas

I have noticed lately that the most viewed posts on my blog are all of the ones I’ve been posting for the RA’s out there.  This is not a surprise since it’s RA training time around the US.  I know at my institution they have been spending the entire week in training and planning mode.Continue reading “RA Programming Ideas”

Have a Painting Party!

Need to de-stress?  Then have a painting party!  It’s great for a group of friends or a residence hall floor! It doesn’t matter if you’re good at painting or not.  There are tons of methods of painting that require no talent at all.  Want to see? See this image all I did to create itContinue reading “Have a Painting Party!”

A-Z Event Promotion Strategy Worksheet

  Are you in need of a creative boost for promoting your next event?  Well I created this worksheet a long time ago to help my students think outside the box to describe how they are going to promote their next event and I’m sure it could come in handy for you as well! Just clickContinue reading “A-Z Event Promotion Strategy Worksheet”

Easy Family Feud for Floor or Friends

Looking for a fun game to play with a big crowd?  This game is fun for RA’s to use with their floors, building, all of res life or just a large group of friends.  I modeled it after the popular TV game show Family Feud when I made it for my floor 10 years ago.Continue reading “Easy Family Feud for Floor or Friends”