Free Event Planning Guide

So you want to plan your own event and need some help but don’t want to hire an event planner.  Or just need a helpful tool for you to plan your next floor event (RA’s what’s up).  Then here is a great tool for you! Now some items in this guide wont apply to everyone’sContinue reading “Free Event Planning Guide”

Decorating your Graduation Cap Party

It’s graduation time which means if you get to keep your graduation cap you can decorate it!  A great party to create with your friends before graduation or for parents to create for their seniors is a cap decorating party!  Get some fun snacks and drinks out set up your supplies and let everyone decorateContinue reading “Decorating your Graduation Cap Party”

Advertising Your Event Using PowToon

So at work not only am I in charge of putting on the events I am also in charge of marketing them.  At the end of last year I heard about a website called Powtoon and got our department an account.  Powtoon helps you create animated videos and hosts them on their website.  But theContinue reading “Advertising Your Event Using PowToon”

Oscar Party Idea Recap 2014

This week I posted a lot of different ideas for your weekend Oscar Party.  So to sum them all up, and make it easier for you, I am putting together this Friday recap of Oscar Party Ideas.  Check them all out and enjoy your Oscar Party Experience this Sunday Night!

Free 2014 Oscar Ballot Printables

Staying with our Oscar Theme, you know since it’s Sunday Night and all… Today I am bringing you some Free Printables that I made to make your Sunday Night Oscar Watch Party more enjoyable! There are two pages to this kit: -Page one has all of the major awards so that you can chose justContinue reading “Free 2014 Oscar Ballot Printables”