Super Bowl Frosting Color Chart

So you want to make some cupcakes to celebrate the Super Bowl this weekend.  The problem is how do you achieve that perfect frosting color for your team of choice?  Here is a coloring guide from McCormick Food Color to help you out with your Super Bowl Party prep!  Keep this chart for every years SuperContinue reading “Super Bowl Frosting Color Chart”

Super Bowl Party Ideas

It’s Super Bowl time again! Last year I gave you a bunch of amazing ideas that you can find HERE but here are a couple of new ideas for your Super Bowl party this weekend! Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries:  Ingredients and Needs: 1-½ cup Dark or Milk Chocolate Chips or melting chocolate (you can get them atContinue reading “Super Bowl Party Ideas”

Easy Superbowl Party Ideas

Here are just a few simple tips to have an easy and fun Super Bowl party with a little added flair! Silverware Holders    These easy to do silverware holders can be made with stuff you have around the house! All you need: Left over cans Brown paper White paint Scissors Paint Brush Glue CoverContinue reading “Easy Superbowl Party Ideas”