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Election Day Film Fest Party


Tired of watching all of that election day coverage already?  Still in the mood for some election themed ambiance during your party while you’re waiting for the results to come in? Then here is a list of some of my favorite election themed films that are sure to liven up you party tonight! Click the image of the film for more information.


A favorite cable TV repeat that I used to watch constantly as a kid!  This if begins after the cheating president (Kevin Kline) suffers a stroke, his lookalike stand-in, Dave, takes over the country indefinitely. Of course, he does such a good job filling in that those in-the-know start to wonder if he’s the better candidate.

Wag the Dog

Apparently presidential sex scandal films was a theme in the 90’s but another one of my favorite election films.  Wag the Dog follows our main characters trying bury the scandal in the run-up to an election, a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) is hired to divert the country’s attention to a fake war.

The American President

It’s not election night without a little Michael Douglas as the president!  Douglas is a widowed president who, much to his opponent’s delight, begins dating a lobbyist as he seeks re-election and of course it is quite the scandal!


This film takes a dark look at the world of student elections.  As someone who has been in elections in both high school and in college I can relate to this one! Reese Witherspoon stars as the ruthlessly determined Tracy Flick, who runs into plenty of competition for student body president.

Man of the Yea

To my fellow 20 somethings who have grown up with figures like John Stewart and Steven Colbert this film may speak to you! Man of the year stars Robin Williams a Jon Stewart-esque figure who enters a presidential election satirically, then discovers an unexpected large amount of support.  The film takes a shot at the two party system process as a whole while managing to stay funny!

The Ides of March

Just out last fall this is a star-studded political drama that gives the viewer a glimpse behind the scenes of a Democratic primary campaign, with Ryan Gosling as a junior campaign manager to George Clooney’s the presidential hopeful. Filled with drama and great performances if you are looking for something a little more serious this should be on the list!

West Wing Season 4

Ok, ok, this isn’t a movie I know!  But watching the election season of West Wing well it just get’s me in the election night mood! and Episode 72 or rather episode 7 of season for is the actual “election night” episode… So if you have to pick just one episode of the West Wing to watch tonight. It should probably be that one, don’t you think?

Do you have a film that I may have forgotten?  Leave me a comment! 

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