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Election Day Party Ideas


Are you gearing up to watch the election results tonight?  Obviously the center of everyones attention will be what’s on the TV screen tonight but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring out themed food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.  Whether your party is single party focused or bi partisan you still have time to run out there and get some election theme goodies!

Don’t have time to bake!  Don’t worry!  Run to the grocery store and pick up some sugar cookies, vanilla frosting, red and blue sprinkles and some red and blue food coloring.   Mix up three bowls of frosting one white, one blue, and one red.  Then while your party guests are all gathered around the TV tonight let them decide how they decorate their cookies, they can go along party lines or make their cookie truly patriotic!  Either way it’s something fun and will keep people busy while they wait out the results.  If you do have time to bake you can still whip up a batch of your own sugar cookies or cupcakes to have the exact same results!

Still need ideas for election drinks?  And want something more than red and blue fruit punch?  Well, I’m not sure if 7-11 are still doing their elections cups but there have to be some other drink ideas out there for your party… Even if you need to run out there and buy some red and blue solo cups for people to put their beer into there are ways you can still be patriotic with the drinks without spending to much! There are also a million Red Alcoholic Drink Recipes HERE or some Blue Alcoholic Drink Recipes HERE. Take a look see what you already have laying around that you can make to give your guests tonight at your party!  And no matter what happens tonight during the election hopefully you can still have a fun time with your friends eagerly awaiting the results!

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