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Winter Wonderland


Well Chanukah has passed, Christmas is next week, and Winter is here for quite a while.  So even if you don’t have snow outside how do you make your home into a winter wonderland for all of your upcoming holiday parties? 

The basic color scheme of your decorations should be: white, silver, and light blue

After the color scheme it’s really up to you!  Here are some easy and cheap ways to decorate your home for the Winter Wonderland Parties: 

**This Vase is $1 from the Dollar Tree you can purchase a few of these in different sizes and shapes to place around the room or home to fill with different items in your color pallet.

**Clear Twinkle lights go from $2-10 for a box and can be purchased at many stores.  That is an easy way to cheer up a winter wonderland room.

**Tulle is another great decoration as it already comes in silver!  Hang it around the home even from your twinkle lights to add extra reflection.  One thing to watch out for if you have pets, is that they love to eat tool and it’s not good for their stomachs.

**Make your own 3D snow flakes and hang them around the room

**Make some fake fluffy white snow for inside your home as well by buying some cotton batting from any fabric store and place it underneath some of your decorations.  Spray it with some spray glitter for a shining effect.  This will come in handy if you are placing it under any of your candles or twinkle lights so it can reflect off.

If you have some time check out a party supply shop near you for some more ideas and possible extra items for purchasing to make your Winter Wonderland a success!



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