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Easy Superbowl Party Ideas


Here are just a few simple tips to have an easy and fun Super Bowl party with a little added flair!

Silverware Holders   

These easy to do silverware holders can be made with stuff you have around the house!

All you need:

Left over cans

Brown paper

White paint


Paint Brush


Cover the can in brown paper, glue it together, paint the inside of the can white if you’d like to, and draw some white lines on the brown paper to mimic a footballs stitching.

Free Printable’s 

All you need:







Click the Images to enlarge them, print out the images, glue, tape pin up, however you’d like to use them to decorate your home, water bottles, candy bars, cake toppers etc!

All Images are from printabelle, she will customize printable images for any of your teams for $5!

Football Chip Dip

For this yummy treat you will need:



Cheese Dip

sour cream

Cherry Tomato’s

A large dish

All you need to do is spread out each of the dips into your tray.  Use the sour cream to draw the lines and place the tomatoes on top for flair.

Comercial Bingo

To keep guests entertained during commercial breaks you can download some free commercial bingo sets from buzzbuzzbingo they can also customize bingo sets for you.  The free set only comes with 3 boards but you can easily use them as an example and make your own if you’d like!

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