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Collect Wedding Photo’s from Friends


I’ve written about this app once before.  Before I ever used it.  You can read that post HERE. It explains how you use the app and some tips on how to spread the word about it to your guests.  We put all of the info for the Wedding Party App in our wedding program and even before the wedding began our guests downloaded it, signed up under our wedding, and began shooting away!

We got great photo’s that we wouldn’t have otherwise, and from some other non professional photographer perspectives.  Although I’m not the type of bride who cares if people posted photos of my wedding on Facebook before I did, I think this app can probably stop your friends from doing that!  Instead they are to busy adding photo’s to your collection through the app!

Our guests loved it so much that they are still talking about what a fun idea it was.  It kept them entertained throughout the evening.  And though they didn’t seem to use the I Spy Game we included with it, they still had a blast!

Down below you can see just a few of the pictures we gathered from our friends use of the app!

Apparently they really liked taking pictures of their cupcakes.

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