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Easy Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling


Are you having an evening BBQ any time soon or are you going camping with your friends and family?  Well then here is a fun game for you to play once it gets dark out at night! Glow in the Dark Lawn Bowling.


10 water bottles

10 glow sticks

Ballbasketball, baseball, tennis ball can all work

All you need to do is fill empty water bottles up with a snapped glow sticks and some water.  Close the the water bottles and lay them out into a pyramid shape.  Set a designated line all your guests need to stand behind and then let them throw their ball twice towards the “pins”.  Record how many each person nocks down each turn to determine the winner.  You can play as many games as you’d like.  To make it harder or easier for the guests you can determine which ball you’d like to use.  Basketball being the largest will be the easiest to hit pins over with.  Baseball through small has some more weight to it than a tennis ball.  Don’t forget to designate how you will take turns being the pin re-staker!

Have fun!

Note: This game would also be fun with small children during the cold winter months when you need to keep them inside.  You can also change the water bottles to large soda bottles for bigger targets.  As long as you are ok with them rolling a ball in the house just turns the lights out in a room in the evening and let them have fun!

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