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Dress up your Drink for your next Party


This past weekend we had a BBQ at our home to celebrate being back in town from our honeymoon.  Because I don’t drink beer I wanted to have something else for our guests to enjoy.  I looked through my cabinets and I found some crystal light fruit punch packets. So I used our cute new glass pitcher and mixed up a batch.  To dress it up I cut up some frozen strawberries and put them in the drink.  So everyone if you want to dress up your drink for your next party here are my two main tips.

1.) Go get a cute glass pitcher– you can get one on Amazon for $10 or more if you want to go really fancy.

2.) Add fruit to your drink.  It makes it look classy and home made even if it’s just a juice mix or water.

I can’t tell you how many complements I got on my juice this weekend!

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