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Super Bowl Party Ideas


It’s Super Bowl time again! Last year I gave you a bunch of amazing ideas that you can find HERE but here are a couple of new ideas for your Super Bowl party this weekend!

Chocolate Covered Football Strawberries: 

Ingredients and Needs:


Tips for piping:

Tips for serving:

Penalty Flag Napkin Holder: 

This idea comes from HGTV If you are able to find a white bucket and some black paint (or paint a bucket white then add the black stripes this should be an easy craft for you I know I’ve been able to find some little silver ones at the Dollar Tree so that might be a good place to stop! After painting the bucket and letting it dry you can add the penalty flags sign with just a little tape.  HGTV has the template for the sign for you to download and print HERE.

Super Bowl Brownie Bites:

If you’re already making the chocolate covered strawberries this should be easy!  You can either make your own brownie bites if you have the molding for it.  But if you don’t you can just buy them at the store.  Once you have your brownies use your white chocolate from your strawberries to make your brownie bites.  Please refer to the piping tips from the strawberries for how to make the bites.  Or alternatively if you’d rather use frosting you can either have your frosting in a piping bag or you can buy your ready cans that come with tips from the grocery store and use that to pipe frosting onto your brownie bites.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!

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