Easy National Pi 3.14 Day Party ideas!

Happy Pi Day everyone!!! May you eat delicious pies all day long!

Easy Event Ideas

National Pi Day

Tomorrow is National Pi Day! What is National Pi Day you might wonder?  Well if you’re ever taken a math class in high school you’ll know that Pi “π” is a symbol used to represent a constant “the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter” which begins 3.14 and then goes on and on and on… Some people think it’s fun to try and memorize as much of Pi as they can… There are over one trillion digits so you won’t be seeing me do that but instead I will celebrate by eating Pie I added the e there.  A fun idea for a party this week is to celebrate National Pi Day with actual pie.  Why?  Because it’s simply delicious!!!!!! And though there might not be one trillion variations of the food pie I think you could come close.

So how could you celebrate?  Have a…

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