062417_jcm_0050Michelle was the calmest, nicest, most reasonable and most knowledgeable planner I could have worked with. She talked me (and my zany relatives) off many ledges. I’m so happy we worked with her; she was able to help us pull off a really beautiful and meaningful wedding celebration where a good time was had by all (and where we didn’t spend a fortune, by DC standards.) Thanks so much!!



Michelle helped me plan a “wedding reception” after my husband and I had a small elopement. Some of the biggest benefits of working with Michelle: 1. Michelle was a great sounding-board for ideas. She lets you know what’s appropriate and customary, and takes logical steps to turn ideas into reality. This kept me from talking to every friend/family member about my party and driving them all crazy! 2. As the big day got closer, Michelle took over communication with all of the vendors. Our vendors had so many parties on their agenda, they wouldn’t always remember my requests. Luckily, I had Michelle who put me as her top priority in those conversations so my needs were met! 3. THIS IS THE BIG ONE. On the day of our party, Michelle showed up at the venue several hours ahead of time. She put out our decorations, and handled everything with the venue/band/food/drinks. I received a few texts with simple questions which let me know she was handling every detail. Meanwhile, I got my hair, makeup, and nails done with my closest friends who traveled to come to our party. I’ve been to so many weddings where the closest family and friends are running around setting up until minutes before the wedding. Having Michelle meant gifting our guests a relaxing day. Michelle also broke down the event and handled end-of-night payments so that my husband and I could join our guests for an after party.


Falls Church October WeddingMichelle was amazing! There were some last minute family health issues that were stressful for me and Michelle was cool as a cucumber. She was on top of everything and I am so glad I hired her for day of coordination!