Pandemic Trivia Birthday

Well we are on week- I have no idea of the Covid 19 pandemic without an end in sight. I’ve already celebrated my birthday and my husbands is coming up next. So like the good event planner I am I got to working a virtual birthday party that he would love!

And what he would love is a Pandemic Trivia Birthday Virtual Party! So here is my go to guide on how to create your own virtual pandemic trivia birthday party. Or honestly just a virtual trivia night.

Here is How to Celebrate a Virtual Pandemic Trivia Birthday!

First send out an electronic invitation using e-mail or a website like Paperless Post.

You can just read the questions to your guests and they can write them on paper and show them to you or you can find an app to use to produce your trivia game. I like to use Kahoot. It lets your players use their phones to answer the trivia multiple choice questions. Points are awarded based on fastest answered, wining streaks, and obviously if you get the question right!

Find an app to share your screen for the trivia questions or just for general socialization at the party if you’re just reading off the questions. I like to use Zoom. You do need to find someone to host who has a full account so that you can have your party longer than 30 minutes but that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

I have found it very easy using Zoom and Kahoot to share my screen so that everyone can see the questions and play! But definitely test it out before you host your party!

Next it’s time to actually get questions for your trivia game. There are two main methods for question procurement. General trivia questions or questions about the birthday person. Either option can be great it just really depends on what the birthday person would want most and how it would play out with your guests. Look below for some links to trivia questions that I provide!

You can also always promise to provide prizes to the winner. An easy prize right now would be some kind of electronic gift card.

Need help getting some trivia questions? We did a post a long time ago with a bunch, feel free to go and check those out they are located HERE. We also have some Battle of the Sexes Questions on another post that would make great general trivia questions. Check those out HERE.

Now you’re all ready to host your birthday trivia night! Have any questions? Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments so we can help you make your event the best virtual trivia birthday party ever!

Corona Virus Event Postponement Checklist

If your wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, corporate event, or even family reunion was canceled we’ve made a checklist for rescheduling your event. We know this is an extremely stressful time for everyone out there right now and rescheduling your big event is just another stressor in your life. So we hope that this checklist will help you out in some way.

Stay safe everyone, and may your event be everything you dreamed it could be even if it is a few months later than planned.

Woodlawn Spring Wedding

This past spring I had the pleasure of working with an amazing couple as they became husband and wife. They had an absolutely beautiful wedding at the Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Right House in Alexandria Virginia. This historic house has extensive grounds with multiple beautiful locations for a wedding to be held. This ceremony was held in front with the historic home serving as a lovely back drop. Cocktail hour was held in the fountain garden. While the reception was held in a beautifully appointed tent outside. The venue has paired up with Arlington Virginia based catering company Design Cuisine which created a delicious array of foods for the event.

This event was adorned with beautiful flowers provided by Eight Tree Street. Who were there throughout the evening to make sure the flowers were just right and to move flowers from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and reception site!

We were also lucky enough to have TC Beauty providing hair and make up. The fabulous band Rollex providing entertainment throughout the evening. A delicious and beautiful cake provided by The Happy Tart. And amazing photographer Stephen Bob Photography providing these beautiful shots of the night. Here is just a sample of his work from the evening.

It was an absolutely fabulous night!

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DIY Super Hero Themed Birthday Party


Last year my son wanted to have a superhero themed birthday party so I decided to DIY the whole thing! Here are just a hint of what made the party such a success.

Superhero Training Course

The first activity on the agenda was a super hero training course that the kids could all complete at their own pace. I brought out items like tunnels, wood for beam walking, and I made little buildings to leap over using black wrapping paper over boxes I was recycling covered in little white paper windows.  I also made cute signs put them on card stock and stuck them in the ground using using skewers.  I also gave each guest a superhero training checklist  to complete as they went around each activity and at the end of the event each child got their own superhero training camp competition certificate. 


Superhero Party Activities

The majority of our guests were around 3 years old but there were a few younger guests as well as parents around and we didn’t want to exclude anyone from participation.  So we brought out a variety of other activities. Cars and Bikes to ride on, a ball pit tent full of balls, superhero smash and of course corn hole.   All given appropriate signage to stay on theme.

Of course we did also have one other special activity, cape and mask decorating! For this activity we needed a couple of supplies:

We left all of the materials out on a plastic table cloth with instructions for parents to help their child create their very own superhero masterpiece!

Other activities I considered but cut:

  • Make your own shield
  • Spray the bad guy (though all the kids did chase my husband around he may have appreciated being sprayed with water given how hot it was)
  • Treasure hunt


Superhero Party Decorations

I created A LOT of decorations for this party from a comic book story of my son saving our cat as a superhero rolled into cones and then filled with veggie sticks, to the buildings wrapped in black paper described earlier, a super cute birthday sign printed on card stock, water bottle labels, table tents, superhero table cloths, napkins, and then of course these amazing superhero stats cards!  I love them I took details about each child and created a mini superhero for each of them with their stats!  Everyone loved them!

I also created chocolate candies which I wrapped in wax paper and sealed with these superhero themed stickers.  The candy molds said pow and bam and I also had some stars.


There was a lot of prep work involved but everyone had a great time and my son loved it so much he wants a superhero theme again and to do all the same things… I’m working on convincing him that something different would be better.

Happy party planning everyone and if you need any tips leave a comment and I’ll get back to you or check me out in my etsy shop!

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