Top 5 Party Games

Do you have a party game that you absolutely love to play with friends? If you have a small group sure you can bring out the classic board games, some monopoly or bananagrams but what if you have a large group of people and you want to entertain everyone with games?  Well here are my top five favorite party games!

Pictionary- As long as you have a big surface to do your drawing on this can be a great party game.  You can break up the party into teams have everyone write down some ideas of what people need to draw (if you don’t actually own the box version you can do a make shift one yourself) and presto hours of drawing fun!  Each team draws at the same time and which ever team guesses first wins.  You don’t even need the board game part to play just have a timer and keep score first team to 10, 20, 30 points whatever wins!

Charades- Now Charades can be the exact same game play as pictionary, you don’t need the actual board game to play at all! Just divide the party into teams, preferably of equal size. Give out slips of paper to everyone to write down phrases that may either be quotations or titles of books, movies, plays, television shows, or songs. Make sure that your team can’t get their suggestions.  Pick members from each team to take turns keeping time. Agree on how many rounds to play and presto you again have a totally free game to play with all of your guests! Now it’s time to take turns acting out what’s on the slip if your team gets it you get a point.

Scattergories– My family has been playing Scattergories for as long as I can remember at our annual family reunion and non of us actually own the board game!  Here is how we play: We all break up into teams evenly, then as a group we come up with a collection of categories: things you’d see at school, song titles, move titles, things you can find in a kitchen etc.  We all come up with a couple to add to our different lists because we would like to do a couple of rounds.  Then we have someone in the room think of a letter if you don’t want to leave it up to just one person then write out the alphabet cut it up and select a random letter.  Then set a timer and you’re good to go, the teams all split up and then come back together when they are all ready to reveal what they wrote down.  Any time groups come up with the same answer they don’t get a point, any time a team has a unique answer you get a point, you can however get more than one point if for instance the category is cartoon characters the letter is M and you put down minnie mouse you get a point for each of those M words!

Apples to Apples- This is one of my all time favorite party games!  It is a great way to get to know people and their sense of humor.  For this game unlike the last three someone will have to shell out the cash to get the game.  But it is certainly worth it! The game has both green apple cards and red apple cards. All players take seven red apple cards (all with noun words and descriptions on them) and looks at them.  Each round there is a judge and it rotates clockwise that way everyone takes turns being the judge.  The Judge pick a green apple card (with an adjective word on it) from the stack reads the word aloud and places it face up on the table while everyone else looks through their hands for the most appropriate red card to go with the green one selected for the round.  The judge mixes around all the red cards so they don’t know who put it in, reads them aloud and then selects the word that they think is best described the green apple card.  The winner keeps the green apple card and you move on to the next judge.  You keep playing until someone has earned enough green apple cards to win the game whether you determine a certain time for the game to end, a certain number of green cards one has to accumulate, or a number of times the game must rotate around the circle, I’ve seen it played a million ways!

Click the Image to See MoreCards Against Humanity- This game is played pretty much the exact same way as apples to apples only the it’s is white and black cards and the cards are much, much, much dirtier and less appropriate for all audiences… If you decide to play this one it
is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS but also widely inappropriate to play with little ones around! This has been you official warning!  Obviously I love the game or it wouldn’t be on my list of tip five party games but watch out for this one! For this game you can buy it on the companies website for $25 or download it and print it yourself for free.  You decided but it’s a nice option if you have the resources at hand to just print it yourself on some nice sturdy paper.
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