Candy Cane Centerpieces or Gift Ideas

ImageThank you Martha Stewart once again for your brilliant ideas! I just came across this gem today! This is a great way to wrap a gift, make a place card, make a stocking stuffer, or use them as centerpieces! It is very easy to do and there are a few different ways I think you could do it.  See the instructions below for Martha’s Ideas I’ve also added my own suggestions to make this a year round event treat!

Here are the instructions:

1. Cut a rectangle of striped wrapping paper on the bias, making it large enough to enclose the roll. Wrap roll, secure overlap with double-sided tape, and fold in ends. Or add decorative stripes with quilling paper (available at crafts or stationery stores): Wrap roll first in plain paper, attach quilling strip with doublesided tape, wind tightly around roll in a spiral motion, and tape end.

2. Wrap decorated rolls in cellophane, twist ends, and attach tags with yarn.

Now if you would like to make them larger to put a gift or candy inside as a nice surprise for your guests instead of using a coin roll I would suggest saving up all your toilet paper rolls!  They make a great hollow shell that you can place any candy or presents inside for your guests.  It is a nice take away from your event.  Also instead of using the ribbon and making them look like candy canes you can really truly make them into anything use any wrapping paper you have lying around the house or run to the store or some scrap booking paper would work well too.  Any of these adjustments would make these little treasures perfect for any occasion not just for the winter months!

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