Ode to the Dollar Store

Just because it’s a $1 doesn’t make it cheap! Take this glass cylinder vase for just $1 at the Dollar Tree there are so many ways you can use this cylinder vase.  Whether you are filling it with fake flowers from a dollar storeor real flowers from the florist
at least you’re not paying $30 to start, and if you need more than one vase for a long table or around the room you would want to keep your costs down. To pazazz this vase up a little lets add some other Dollar Store Items shall we!

How about some ribbon to tie around it in a bow. Plain ribbon or themed ribbon whatever you want all for a dollar and will add ambiance to any vase.  Vases aren’t just for flowers either, at the dollar store you can buy a bag of pebbles for a dollar fill up the vase half way and then place a candle from the dollar store on top of the pebbles for brighten up a room for an evening event or for your centerpiece!  So many great ideas can come from just wondering the isles of a dollar store!

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