Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away so let’s talk candle centerpieces for Thanksgiving.  Now I know I have brought candle centerpieces up a few times, but that is because you buy these items once and you can keep using them over and over again. This simple candle holder is just a $1 from the Dollar Tree.  Buy an orange, brown, or red candle and bam you could be done or you could add some more holiday pizzaz to your design.

Add some corn seeds or any other beans you have around the house underneath the candle to achieve this look:

Candles or flowers either can work just grab some acorns and leaves from outside:

Some other household items you could use for your centerpiece candles could be substituting corn seeds with coffee beans you will even the added bonus of the scent.  If you can’t find leaves outside anymore the Dollar Tree has a package of faux leaves for just $1, they also have a package of decorative hay for just$1 that can be used to make a centerpiece. You can find some nice pebbles in your lawn, as a substitute, just make sure the color candle looks good with the rocks.  You can easily find colorful gourds for $2-3 at the grocery store to use in your table decoration.  And any dollar store will have Thanksgiving themed ribbon to tie in a bow around your candle holder.

Do you have a DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece to share?  Let me know!

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