Candy Cane Themed Party


So you have a lot of friends from all different religions and you want to still have a party at this time of year.  What to do, what to do? How about a candy cane themed party!

How to decorate:

    • Obviously everything should be red and white!candy cane theme ideas 2
    • The amazon carries lots of white pillar candles and cheap candle bases.  You can also easily find some nice red ribbon to tie around the center or base of the candle.  White linens with red ribbon and multiple candy canes around the work are always a plus as well!
    • Having a Mason Jar area with different size Mason Jars and candy canes or other candy cane theme ideasred and white candies is also a nice centerpiece or candy area on a banquet.  Mason jars can be found at dollar stores, grocery stores, home good stores, or even World Market or check out these jars on Amazon.
  • You can also use the candy cane centerpiece/give aways I described in a previous post as a fun take away for your guests and decoration!

What to do:

  • Candy Cane Grab: Participants line up across from a string running across the room. Candy canes dangle from the string as players attempt to grab as many as possible without dropping any to the ground.  The host eliminates any participant who drops a cane and declares the remaining players with the most canes the winners. This game might have any number of winners, and both losers and winners get to keep their tasty sweets!
  • Hook and Carry: Players begin with three candy canes in their mouths. The hook side of the candy cane should be out of the mouth. Players must hook as many candy canes from a pile of canes on the ones they currently have. They then transport those canes across the room, shake them free in a designated spot and return to collect more. The player, or team of players if groups are used, with the most candy canes at the designated spot wins.  Any dropped canes do not count toward the total of any player.

What to eat: Click the titles to go to the websites for the recipes

What to Drink: Click the titles to go to the websites for the recipes


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